In this game mode, players will spawn in as a fireball and land in an outer perimeter world.  They will collect loot, fight other jellies, and climb a mountain of environments until there is one jelly left standing.

Status: In Progress

King Of The Hill

The first map that will feature the King of the Hill game mode.

Status: In Progress

Map 1

A system for players to play with friends.

Status: Waiting

Party System

An efficient system to make sure players can always find a match and reduce wait times.

Status: Waiting

Match Making

NPC enemies to fight in game that will drop loot when defeated.

Status: In Progres

NPC Enemies

Weapons that the jelly will use to fight other jellies.

Status: In Progress


A customization system for players to have creative freedom over how their jelly looks with their unlocked cosmetic items.

Status: Waiting

Character Customization

Players will unlock cosmetic items to customize the look of their jelly by completing challenges.

Status: Waiting

Challenges To Unlock Cosmetic Items