Follow along the Roadmap to see what we are currently working on for Blocky Ball!


Friends System

  • A system that allows players to add and remove other players from their friends list.

Player Customization

  • Players can personalize there character.
  • Store in databases for returning players and logging into different devices
  • Sync in game between multiple clients

Physics Sync Algorithm

  • An algorithm that syncs physics in real time over the network
  • Server authoritative

Simple Gameplay Loop

  • A simple gameplay loop where players can "Find a Game", "Play the Game", and "Return to Menu."

Linux Servers

  • Linux servers as the main server running the backend

In Progress

Party System

  • Invite friends into party
  • Join friends party
  • Matchmaking with party leader
  • Private Matches with party leader

Character Customization UI

  • An intuitive UI for customizing the player's character

Cosmetic Items Set 1

  • The first set of cosmetic items for the character

Character Prototypes

  • Prototyping different character models
  • Character with small eyes
  • Character with large eyes
  • Facial rigging
  • Body rigging

Main Menu

  • Improving the main menu layout and making things as intuitive as possible



An unintrusive way to monetise the game so that we can continue to develop more fun games for you to play and pay for servers. Ideas for Monetisation

  • Season Pass
    • Access the the current season's content.
      • Cosmetic items, challenges, etc.
    • The season length is TBD (most likely will be 3, 4, or 6 months. This may vary from season to season and the price will reflect as such).
    • Ads removed
      • The rewards for all reward based ads will automatically be given when an ad would normally occur
  • Optional Reward Based Ads
    • Ads that if the player watches, will get some kind of award like 2x Coins, 2x XP, an extra item, etc.
    • These will only be available if the player DOES NOT own this season's pass.
    • If the player DOES OWN this season's pass, they will automatically be given the reward without watching an ad
  • Loot Boxes, Mystery Boxes, Crates, Chests, Surpise Mechanics, or whatever else you want to call it
    • We aren't building a casino
    • Loot boxes might exist in the game, but as an in game item only.
      • This is only if we (and you) determine it is a fun part of the game experience
      • We have personally always enjoyed the thrill of the surprise, but we despise the monetisation aspect of it
    • In no way, shape, or form will we monetise lootboxes

iOS Build

  • Create a working build for iOS

Android Build

  • Create a working build for Android

WebGL Build (In Research)

  • Research into WebGL Builds. See how the game runs on WebGL.

Xbox Build (In Research)

  • Resarch into Xbox Live Store
  • Create an Xbox build

PlayStation Build (In Research)

  • Get a dev kit from playstation
  • Create the playstation build

Windows 10 / Mac OS / Linux

  • Create Windows 10, Mac OS, and Linux builds of the game

Nintendo Switch Build (In Research)

  • Research into getting a Nintendo Switch Dev Kit

Private Alpha Testing

  • Conduct private Alpha tests with players.
  • An official signup form will be coming soon.
  • For now just join our Discord and post in the community chat that you are interested :)

Private Beta Testing

  • Conduct private Beta tests with players.
  • An official signup form will be coming soon.
  • For now just join our Discord and post in the community chat that you are interested :)

Early Access!

  • Yay we just took a a huge step together! The game is now in Early Access!
  • Hopefully everything goes smooth, no bugs, and we all live happily every after...
    • However, this is Early Access so we will probably be consuming caffeine for some time, staying up late, and fixing things so that everything runs smoothly for you! :)


Well you struggle to follow directions. Its opened now. Just whatever you do... DO NOT CLICK THIS LINK!

Physics Sync Algorithm Smoothing Improvements

  • Improve on correction smoothing for incorrect physics predictions